About My Guy Cigar Club

Kenny Anderson started smoking while playing for the Boston Celtics back in 1997. He very quickly developed a deep love for cigars, and it quickly became his daily refuge to escape his hectic schedule and the craziness of being a celebrity. In the bars and cigar lounges, it didn't matter who was a celebrity and who wasn't. It was about the appreciation of the cigar itself, and the enjoyment of diverse conversations with those who were there doing the same.

Over 20 years and thousands of cigars later, Kenny is known as a true cigar connoisseur, and frequently finds himself in the lounge with fellow celebrities, friends, and fans, enjoying a good cigar, drink, and conversation. It was out of this that the idea for the My Guy Cigar Club was born.


The mission of  the My Guy Cigar Club is to bring together diverse celebrities and fans and unite over one commonality... a true love of cigars. Additionally, Kenny is passionate about several charities, and a portion of proceeds from events will be donated to further support and bring awareness to these charities.